The road course racing series weekend doubleheader kicked off Saturday on the 0.7-mile short course at Atlanta Motor Speedway. More than 40 drivers competed bumper-to-bumper and door-to-door in four feature races, as the series' Week 2 took to the infield pavement.

The Beginner Bandolero feature rolled off the grid first and wasted little time cranking up the competition. With plenty of contact and paint-trading the whole way, each car appeared to have taken on a few new colors by the end of the eight-lap race.

Starting on the outside of the front row, Corey Heim used an excellent start from the green flag to seize the lead from pole-winner Ryan Younginer early in the first lap.

Younginer stayed hot on Heim's bumper for the next two laps before a caution on Lap 3 bunched the field. After another strong restart for Heim, Younginer settled into second place, while Logan Nalley moved up a spot from his starting position into third, and a battle ensued in the middle of the pack for fourth-place.

Following another caution and subsequent restart, Max Hennebaul found himself in third, behind Heim and Younginer, after starting the race back in the fifth row. Hennebaul and Younginer battled door-to-door behind Heim in the final three laps, and Hennebaul eventually moved into second place with a pass near the end of the race.

As Heim took the checkered flag, it appeared Hennebaul would follow him for a runner-up finish, but Hennebaul spun and crashed in the final turn, collecting Nalley, who was running in fourth. An opportunistic Younginer took advantage and slid past to finish second, while Kenneth Henderson claimed third to round out the podium.

An early battle up front in the combined Bandits and Outlaws feature picked up the pace right where the Beginner Bandolero feature left off.

Joshua Hicks won the pole, and Connor Younginer matched his quick pace from the green flag, as the pair bumped and rubbed with each turn. Dual cautions in Laps 2 and 3 shuffled the field behind them, but the pair up front remained locked in a duel for first.

But Younginer's day ended just a lap later, as he spun and careened into the wall entering the chicane on the back straightaway. From there, Hicks led the rest of the way, as Matthew Davey and Clay Thompson did battle for second place.

Despite a late-race charge from Thompson, Davey was able to hold him off for the second-place finish. Ricky Springer, who won the division in Week 1, finished fourth, and Nathan Jackson rounded out the top-5.

Hampton's Chris Dilbeck followed up his Week 1 win with an encore Saturday, leading every lap ahead of a crowded field in the combined Masters/Semi-Pro/Young Lions Division feature.

Robbie Woodall, Dylan Murry and Tony Armbruster each took turns moving into second place, as the three went to work behind Dilbeck. Cars bumped and grinded throughout the day's headline feature, and several drivers exited early.

As the dust settled, Robbie Woodall, Tony Armbruster, Phillip Young and Jordan Coker finished in order behind Dilbeck, and the checked flag waved on the first of two straight days of racing.

Drivers will have a short turnaround to make adjustments to their cars for Round 2 of the doubleader, as the road course racing series continues with Week 3 tomorrow on the AMS infield.

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Below are the complete results of the Sept. 12 races.

Beginner Bandoleros Division
1. Corey Heim; 2. Ryan Younginer; 3. Kenneth Henderson; 4. River Allen; 5. Samantha Bart; 6. Cameron Potter; 8. Keaton Hendrix; 9. Savannah Bart; 10. Logan Nalley; 11. Max Hennebaul; 12. Gage Roberts; 13. Andrew Dollar

Bandits/Outlaws Division
1. Joshua Hicks; 2. Matthew Davey; 3. Clay Thompson; 4. Ricky Springer; 5. Nathan Jackson; 6. Gauntt Hudgins; 7. Bryson Ruff; 8. Noah Dominy; 9. Connor Younginer; 10. Trey Tadrzak

Masters/Semi-Pro/Young Lions Division
1. Chris Dilbeck; 2. Robbie Woodall; 3. Tony Armbruster; 4. Philllip Young; 5. Jordan Coker; 6. Brandon Brock; 7. Randy Shubert; 8. Bill Whatley; 9. Nicholas Waters; 10. Robert Cheney; 11. Wes Potter; 12. Dylan Murry; 13. Barry Bowen; 14. Lisa Scott; 15. Frank Speights; 16. Larry Cope; 17. Mike Kennedy; 18. Sprout Royal; 19. John Ponzio; 20. Dennis Hecht (DNS)

Thunder Roadster Division
1. Brian Wiemer; 2. Aaron Croslye