Legends and Bandolero drivers battled for bragging rights and season points championships in the final week of the 2015-16 Winter Flurry season at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Victory lane saw a handful of first time Winter Flurry winners in the final events of the season.

Bandolero drivers had a pair of races to determine their season champions as washed out feature races from March 26 began the day's action. In the opening race of the day, Andrew Dollar dominated the first Rookie Bandolero feature of the day. Dollar led from flag to flag to earn the win. Keaton Hendrix could not track down Dollar and finished second while Annabelle Mowish finished third.

A jumped restart by Clay Thompson on lap 22 allowed Nathan Jackson to move to the front of the field in the Bandits feature and earn his third win of the Winter Flurry season. Jackson held off a hard-charging Thompson over the final three laps as the pair came to the checkered flag bumping and door-to-door off of turn four. In the make-up feature from March 26, Jackson started from the point but slipped back in the field midway through the the feature before patiently weaving his way back to the front.

The first Outlaw feature of the day finished with a pair of drivers at the front of the field bumping out of turn four on the final lap and spinning to bring out the caution. Ricky Springer avoided the pile up and earned the win in the Bandits feature. DJ Canipe finished second while Trey Tadrzak was third.

The battle for the Winter Flurry season championships began in earnest as the Legends cars took to the track with the Pro/Semi-Pro feature race. Jensen Joegensen slipped by Ryan Farbo with ten laps to go and drove away with his first feature win of the series. Points leader Dylan Murray finished fifth.

In the Masters feature, Bill Plemons Jr. held off Tina Johnson for his first win of the series. Plemons started on the pole and led all 25 laps for the victory. Despite a handful of cautions, Johnson could not find an opening to get past Plemons and finished second. Locked in a battle for the points championship, Tony Armbruster and Robbie Woodall finished third and fourth respectively.

In the Young Lions feature, Dawson Fletcher found victory lane for the first time in the Winter Flurry season. Fletcher dominated the race as he started from the outside pole and immediately went to the point. Despite a handful of cautions which bunched up the field, Fletcher held off a hard-charging Corey Heim for the win. Joshua Hicks finished third.

DJ Canipe was another first-time Winter Flurry winner this season as he led the second Outlaw feature of the day from flag-to-flag. The race for second place was a battle between Connor Younginer, Blaze Crawford and Rickey Springer. The trio swapped positions throughout the middle of the race before Younginer pulled away with five laps to go to finish second.

After a jumped restart in the first Bandits feature, Thompson kept his composure and dominated the second race of the day for his third win of the series. Jackson, who won the first feature, finished second as the race ended under caution. Michael Gannon finished third.

The the second Rookie Bandolero feature of the afternoon ended with Andrew Dollar again in Victory Lane. Gage Roberts was glued to the bumper of Dollar for much of the feature and finished second. Justin Campbell was third.

Atlanta Motor Speedway's Thursday Thunder Legends and Bandolero racing series cranks up its 18th season on the "Thunder Ring" for eight straight weeks beginning June 2, as the future stars of racing compete for a championship trophy.

Infield admission is available for spectators wishing to watch Thursday Thunder, and passes may be purchased at the Security Command building near the speedway's main entrance. Infield passes are $12 for adults, $5 for ages 6 through 11, and children ages 5 and younger are admitted free. Grandstand tickets for the affordable, family-friendly racing series cost just $5, while children ages 5 and younger arew free.

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March 26th Feature Race Results
1. Nathan Jackson (McDonough), 2. Clay Thompson (Bowersville), 3. Bryson Ruff (Indian Trail, NC), 4. Audrie Ruark (Suwanee), 5. Michael Gannon (Canton), 6. River Allen (Hirum), 7. Ryan Younginer (Jonesboro), 8.Noah Dominy (Greensboro), 9. Logan Nalley (Canton), 10. Max Hennebaul (Monroe), 11. Kenneth Henderson (Alto)

1. Ricky Springer (McDonough), 2. DJ Canipe (Fallston, NC), 3. Trey Tadrzak (Stockbridge), 4. Blaze Crawford (Fayetteville), 5. Blaise Maddox (Locust Grove), 6. Connor Younginer (Stockbridge), 7. Caleb Sanford (Coden, AL), 8. Hayden Swank (Woodstock)

Rookie Bandolero
1. Andrew Dollar (Atlanta), 2. Keaton Hendrix (Homerville), 3. Annabelle Mohwish (Cumming), 4. Ashton Whitener (Monticello), 5. Justin Campbell (Griffin), 6. Cameron Potter (Covington), 7. Mikie Mohwish (Cumming), 8. Kenny Brady (Marietta), 9. Max Brady (Marietta), 10. Gage Roberts (Milledgeville), 11. Will Griffis (Homer), 12. Braxton Davis (Douglasville)

April 30 Feature Race Results
1. Clay Thompson (Bowersville), 2. Nathan Jackson (McDonough), 3. Michael Gannon (Canton), 4. Bryson Ruff (Indian Trail, NC), 5. River Allen (Hirum), 6. Audrie Ruark (Suwanee), 7. Logan Nalley, 8. Ryan Younginer (Jonesboro), 9. Max Hennebaul (Monroe), 10. Kenneth Henderson (Alto), 11. Noah Dominy (Greensboro)

1. Bill Plemons Jr. (Locust Grove), 2. Tina Johnson (Senoia), 3. Tony Armbruster (Covington), 4. Robbie Woodall (McDonald), 5. Scott Wessel, 6. Randy Shubert (Conyers), 7. Dennis Hecht (Hoschton), 8. Pat Sellers (Stockbridge), 9. Dennis Aiken (Villa Rica), 10. Wes Potter (Covenington), 11. Mark Swan (Dunwoody), 12. Bill Whatley (Snellville), 13. Robert Cheney (Jonesboro) - DNS

1. DJ Canipe (Fallston, NC), 2. Connor Younginer (Stockbridge), 3. Blaze Crawford (Fayetteville), 4. Ricky Springer (McDonough), 5. Annabelle Mohwish (Cumming), 6. Trey Tadrzak (Stockbridge), 7. Caleb Sanford (Coden, AL), 8. Hayden Swank (Woodstock) - DNS, 9. Blaise Maddox (Locust Grove) - DNS

Rookie Bandos
1. Andrew Dollar (Atlanta), 2. Gage Roberts (Milledgeville), 3. Justin Campbell (Griffin), 4. Annabelle Mowish (Cumming), 5. Ashton Whitener (Monticello), 6. Mikie Mohwish (Cumming), 7. Kenny Brady (Marietta), 8. Will Griffis (Homer), 9. Max Brady (Marietta), 10. Braxton Davis (Douglasville), 11. Cameron Potter (Covington), 12. Shelby Ruark (Suwanee), 13. Keaton Hendrix (Homerville)

1. Jensen Jorgensen (Stockbridge), 2. Ryan Farbo (Charlotte, NC), 3. Nolan Pope, 4. Jason Treschl (Lagrange), 5. Dylan Murry (Cumming), 6. Hudson Halder (Cummings), 7. Amber Fleeman (Dacula), 8. Jeff Holden (Gainsville), 9. Brandon Brock (Hampton), 10. Bubba Harry (Stockbridge), 11. Jeff Oliver (Braselton), 12. Jonathan Timms (Calhoun) - DNS, 13. Travis Ellison (Williamson, SC) - DNS, 14. Riley Halverson (Charlotte, NC) - DNS

Young Lions
1. Dawson Fletcher (Canton), 2. Corey Heim (Marietta), 3. Joshua Hicks (Senoia), 4. Rafe Slate (Eatonton), 5. Canon Cochran (Ringgold), 6. Cale Hall (Griffin), 7. Cody Hall (Griffin), 8. Hunter Johnson (Griffin), 9. Carden Cochran (Ringgold), 10. Nicholas Waters (Senoia)