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1) Will this be the first time you have attended a race at this track?
3) Where do you plan to stay while attending the race? (Mark Only One)
4) Please note the reasons you plan to attend this specific event. (Mark ALL that apply)
5) Who are your favorite drivers? (Mark as many as 3)
6) Which activities do you expect to do at the Event? (Mark ALL that Apply)
7) Which of the following activities would interest you for this Event? (Mark ALL that Apply)
8) What needs to happen at this event for you to feel that you’ll receive good value? (Mark ALL that Apply)
9) Which of the following programs to save fans money are you aware of prior to this survey? (Mark ALL that Apply)
10) Please note any aspects of the experience that you would like more information about prior to the Event. (Mark ALL that Apply)
11) What method of communication do you prefer to be contacted through? (Choose One)

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