Fan Assistance Patrol
The Fan Assistance Patrol offers golf cart transportation and general assistance throughout the Atlanta Motor Speedway parking areas. This service is limited to the Atlanta Motor Speedway facility only, providing patrons with the ability to move to and from almost any area on the property.  Patrons may inquire about any of these services at the Information Booths located throughout the Atlanta Motor Speedway property.

Atlanta Motor Speedway provides tram service between the campgrounds and the entrance gates before and after events and will depart regularly from the designated tram stops. Tram passengers under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Trams are provided as a courtesy service to speedway guests. Due to the demand for this service, continuous riding (joyriding) is prohibited.

Campground Tram Route
Along inner perimeter road just north of Gates 11 & 12 and near Turn 4, east of gate 15

Infield Tram Route
From main entrance to the new tunnel along the road course

Hours of Tram and Shuttle Bus Hours


Infield Tram Hours: