Mother Nature threw just about everything she had at the AMS Legends program Saturday but, while it forced the postponement of the scheduled Bandolero features, it didn't stop the Legends drivers from racing.

On a slick and challenging Thunder Ring, Connor Younginer's delicate use of the throttle propelled the Stockbridge driver to victory in the Semi-Pro feature. Younginer was followed by Graham Campell in 2nd and John Harrison in 3rd.

Timothy Watson, of Panama City, Fla., led the way in the combined Pro and Masters feature. Bill Plemons Jr., of Locust Grove, was highest finishing Master.

In the Young Lions feature Michael Gannon, of Canton, topped Nathan Jackson to take the feature win.

The postponed Outlaws, Bandits, and Rookie Bandolero feature races will be rescheduled as double features for a future Furious Five event. The AMS Legends are back in action for race two of the Furious Five slate of races on Feb. 8. For more information on the AMS Legends program, go to

Results from Jan. 11 Furious Five racing:

Young Lions:

  1. Michael Gannon (Canton, Ga.)
  2. Nathan Jackson (McDonough, Ga.)
  3. Mason Maggio (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.)
  4. Matthew Kade (Hampton, Ga.)


  1. Connor Younginer (Stockbridge, Ga.)
  2. Graham Campbell (Braselton, Ga.)
  3. John Harrison (Nicholson, Ga.)
  4. Kenny Brady (Marietta, Ga.)
  5. Steven Partin (Peebles, Ohio)
  6. Max Brady (Marietta, Ga.)
  7. Nick Woodall (Canton, Ga.)
  8. Trey Tadrzak (Stockbridge, Ga.)
  9. Trent Barfield (Hamilton, Ga.)
  10. Jonathan Taylor (Roswell, Ga.)
  11. Zac Bacon (Buchanan, Ga.)


  1. Timothy Watson (Panama City, Fla.)
  2. Cody Hall (Griffin, Ga.)
  3. Corey North (Hampton, Ga.)
  4. Christopher Almon, Sr. (Moreland, Ga.)


  1. Russell Shore
  2. Bill Plemons, Jr. (Locust Grove, Ga.)
  3. Ronnie Wehunt (Canton, Ga.)
  4. Phillip Young (Dallas, Ga.)