The AMS Legends and Bandoleros headed north on a bright Saturday morning to the mountains of Dawsonville to try their hands at the Atlanta Motorsports Park road course. 

The day started out with the Rookie Bandoleros feature with Brooks' Garrett Gumm on the pole. Gumm led the first lap of competition as the cars of Nathaniel Harry, Kyle Bacon, and Gianni Esposito got loose in the sharp turn three. The drivers gathered themselves together and got back on track with Gumm maintaining his lead. Gumm continued to wheel his way around the tricky road course to earn his first win of the Fall Five series. 

The mixed Outlaws and Bandits division followed the Rookies with Kenny Brady as the pole sitter. As the green flag dropped, Marietta's Brady left the gate with a strong hold on the lead with Lemar, SC's Caleb Williams on his trail. 

As the drivers wheeled their machines left and right through the hilly road course in North Georgia, Brady maintained his lead fighting off threats from Williams and an incoming Lucas Ruark. Suwanee's Ruark stole the second place position from Williams on the second lap of the event as they crossed the start/finish line. 

The machine of Acworth's Lee Brown got out from under him, leading to a missed turn. After the competitors got realigned, Brady took the green once more, continuing to hold Ruark back in second. Brady focused his sights on the checkered flag as he raced neck and neck with Ruark. Brady crossed the line before Ruark, earning the coveted Bandoleros road course win in Dawsonville. 

Next to take to the road course of Atlanta Motorsports Park was the mixed division of Semi-Pro and Young Lions Legends. Cale Hall out of Griffin took the green flag in the top position followed by Canton's Nick Woodall. Shortly after completing the first lap of the feature, McDonough's Ricky Springer thought he had developed a motor issue and came to a stop at the start/finish line. 

As the green flag waved once more, Woodall took the lead from Hall, but Hall would not be defeated so easily. As the competitors came out of turn 11, Hall regained his command from Woodall. Woodall, not deterred, slid under Hall coming out of turn 3 on the second lap and once again led the field. 

The Legends of Georgia battled it out up and down the hills full of twists and turns as Woodall led Hall with Fayetteville's Blaze Crawford running right behind them in third. Woodall continued to hold off the field for the last few laps of the feature to win the combined Semi-Pro and Young Lions feature. 

To top off the day, the Pros proved their worth as they raced with the Masters division. Eatonton native, Rafe Slate outran everyone during qualifying and sat on the pole as the race got underway. At the drop of the flag Senoia's Joshua Hicks took the lead from Slate with one of Legends racing's greatest racers, Doug Stevens out of Griffin, right behind him. As Slate tried to fight back in the carousel, Hicks made contact causing the Slate machine to lose vital track position. The contact between the two opened the door for Stevens to take control of the feature. 

The experienced veterans of AMS Legends wheeled their way around Atlanta Motorsports Park with Stevens leading the way and Fletcher directly behind him in second. The two machines of Stevens and Fletcher battled it out neck and neck for the lead throughout the remaining laps of the event. In a surprising turn of events, as the top two were coming out of turn 11, Dawson Fletcher passed Stevens for the overall Masters/Pros win. 

Complete 11/03 AMP Road Course Results:

Rookie Bandoleros:

1. Garrett Gumm (Brooks, GA) 

2. Kyle Bacon (Buchanan, GA)

3. Hudson Canipe (Candler, NC)

4. Gianni Esposito (Dacula, GA)

5. Bailey Buchanan (Senoia, GA)

6. Will Peacock (Eastman, GA)

7. Nathaniel Harry (Concord, NC)


Mixed Outlaws, and Bandits Feature: 

1. Kenny Brady (Marietta, GA) - Outlaws 

2. Lucas Ruark (Suwanee, GA) - Outlaws 

3. Connor Younginer (Stockbridge, GA) - Outlaws

4. Justin Campbell (Griffin, GA) - Outlaws 

5. Ryan Younginer (Locust Grove, GA) - Bandits 

6. Mason Maggio (Palm Beach Gardens, FL) - Outlaws 

7. Kenneth Henderson (Alto, GA) - Outlaws 

8. Caleb Williams (Lemar, SC) - Outlaws 

9. Carson Ruark (Suwanee, GA) - Bandits 

10. Matthew Kade (Hampton, GA) - Bandits 

11. Corey North (Hampton, GA) - Outlaws 

12. Bailey North (Hampton, GA) - Bandits 

13.  Lee Brown (Acworth) - Bandits 


Mixed Semi-Pro and Young Lions Feature: 

1. Nick Woodall (Canton, GA) - Semi-Pro

2. Cale Hall (Griffin, GA) - Semi-Pro 

3. Blaze Crawford (Fayetteville, GA) - Young Lions

4. Ricky Springer (McDonough, GA) - Semi-Pro 

5. Parker Brewer (Locust Grove, GA) - Semi-Pro

6. Trey Tadrzak (Stockbridge, GA) - Semi-Pro

7. Nathan Jackson (McDonough, GA) - Young Lions 

8. Russell Shore - Semi-Pro 

9. Zac Bacon (Buchanan, GA) - Semi-Pro

10. Gage Roberts (Milledgeville, GA) - Young Lions

11. Max Brady (Marietta, GA) - Semi-Pro

12. Jessie Thomas (Braselton, GA) - Semi-Pro

13. Michael Gannon (Canton, GA) - Young Lions


Mixed Pros and Masters Feature:

1. Dawson Fletcher (Canton, GA) - Pros 

2. Doug Stevens (Griffin, GA) - Masters  

3. Cody Hall (Griffin, GA) - Pro 

4. Hunter Johnson (Griffin, GA) - Pro 

5. Rafe Slate (Eatonton, GA) - Pro 

6. Tony Armbruster (Covington, GA) - Masters 

7. Joshua Hicks (Senoia, GA) - Pro 

8. Robbie Woodall (McDonough, GA) - Masters 

9. Wade Brewer (Locust Grove, GA) - Masters 

10. Winston Jeshuran (Macon, GA) - Masters 

11. Steve Kiker (Newnan, GA) - Masters 

12. Dennis Hecht (Hoschton, GA) - Masters 

13. Randy Shubert (Stone Mountain, GA) - Masters 

14. Barry Bowen (Jackson Lake, GA) - Masters 

15. Reza Sedghi (Macon, GA) - Masters 

16. Robert Anderson (Covington, GA) - Masters 

17. John Griffin (Macon, GA) - Masters 


The finale of the Fall Five series will be a double features event scheduled to run on December 8. This event will complete the rained out October 20 features. More information can be found at or