Atlanta Motor Speedway and the American Red Cross have teamed up once again to host a blood drive on June 22.

The blood drive will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Atlanta Motor Speedway's Tara Ballroom, located within the AMS Condo Building at 1500 Tara Place. This will be the third time AMS and the Red Cross have held an event to collect lifesaving blood donations at the historic speedway this year.

To ensure all participants have the opportunity to donate upon arrival, donations for the June 22 blood drive will be done by appointment only. The number of appointments is finite and interested donors are encouraged to secure a donation time that works for them as soon as possible.

"Together with the Red Cross and the support of donors within our community, we've collected donations with the potential to save hundreds of lives," said AMS Executive Vice President and General Manager Brandon Hutchison. "Atlanta Motor Speedway is proud to be part of the continuing effort to meet this need."

In recent weeks, hospital demand for blood products has grown by 30% after sharply declining in early April amid this rapidly changing and complex public health crisis. At the same time, blood drives continue to be canceled as many businesses and community organizations remain closed. Donors are needed to make and keep scheduled appointments to help meet the current need.

"Blood donors have played a vital role in the lives of patients who have needed lifesaving transfusions during this pandemic, and patients continue to depend on donors each and every day," said Paul Sullivan, senior vice president, Red Cross Blood Services. "The Red Cross appreciates the support of those who rolled up a sleeve to give in recent months, but the need doesn't stop. We need the public's help to avoid another blood shortage this summer."

As many as three lives can be saved each time someone donates blood. Red Cross employees have implemented additional precautions to ensure blood drives and donation centers are safe for donors and staff and reduce potential exposure to COVID-19.

Each donor will receive an Amazon gift card, COVID antibody testing, and a discount coupon to the AMS Gift Shop. To prepare to give blood, the Red Cross recommends donors eat iron-rich meals and drink plenty of water. A photo ID will also be needed upon arrival.

To donate please visit and enter sponsor code "atlantaspeedway" and choose the donation time that works best for you. Registration can also be completed by calling 1-800-RED CROSS or by using the Blood Donor App.