After eight rounds of thrilling action, drivers in six divisions were crowned as 2022 Thursday Thunder champions.

The Outlaws division came into championship night with the tightest battle at the top of the standings. Georgia driver Bryce Sanders began the night with a 13 point lead on the division and Neal Dulin (Harrisburg, N.C.) right behind him. Dulin started the race in fourth position and remained at the front of the pack for the entirety of the race. However, Sanders was even more impressive, leading a handful of laps and earning a second place result. Ultimately this was enough for Sanders to stay atop the standings, and become the division champion. Kyle Bacon (Buchanan, Ga.) made a slick pass for the lead early in the race and held on to win for the second time.

Like they have many times this summer, Beckham Malone (Rock Hill, S.C.) and Nicholas Denton (Pascagoula, Miss.) went to battle in the final Bandits feature of the series. Denton, who started on the pole, claimed the lead immediately to begin the race. In hot pursuit, Malone began to plot his move for the lead right away. The two exchanged the lead back and forth for the entirety of the race, but Denton was able to make the most important pass of the night and drive off into victory lane. In addition to being crowned a round eight feature winner, Denton solidified the season championship as well after winning his fourth race of the season.

Entering the final round Jadyn Daniels (Harrisburg, N.C.) had a considerable lead in the Byron Powersports Semi-Pro standings, but had to overcome adversity right away after a mechanical failure in qualifying forced her to start in the back of the field. Daniels handled the pressure like a true champion, gaining 11 positions over 20 laps. The performance was just enough for her to maintain the first position in the season standings and become the Byron Powersports Semi-Pro champion as a four-time series winner. Luke Yarbrough (Milton, Ga.), a first-time series winner, made a pass for the lead late and led the final seven laps to pick up his fourth victory of the series in round eight.

The night's first championship was claimed by Floridian Josh Dickens in the Associates Group Young Lions feature after he led the race from flag to flag. This performance was the latest in a string of impressive victories for Dickens, who increased his series win total to four and controlled his own destiny to become the 2022 Associates Group Young Lions champion.

Later in the night, McDonough native Robbie Woodall capped off a sensational summer with a hard fought third place finish. Woodall was a three time series winner and captured the Masters series title after finishing the year with a significant points lead. Driving into victory lane, Brooks native Joey Clanton dominated the night's feature to claim his first win of the series.

In the season finale of the WJP Investments Pro series Landon Rapp continued his dominance, leading all 25 laps to claim the feature win and lock down the number one spot in the season standings. The victory marked his fourth of an impressive championship campaign.

Early in the night, Coleman Moody (Griffin, Ga.) kicked off the action in impressive fashion by leading every lap of the Chargers feature and landing in victory lane for the fourth time this season.

The Fr8 Auctions Rookie Bandolero division provided twice the excitement with two feature races. Concord driver Wyatt Youngblood claimed the first feature after holding off Emma Teal (Monticello, GA) and Colton Glass (Juliette, Ga.) drove his car into victory lane for the first time in 2022.

Here are the full results from Round 8:

The Associates Group Young Lions

  1. Dickens, Josh (Miami, FL)
  2. Esposito, Gianni (Dacula, GA)
  3. Erwin, Garrett (Covington, GA)
  4. Buice, Lanie (Locust Grove, GA)
  5. McElearney, Sean (Babylon, NY)
  6. Reynolds, Jackson (Marietta, GA)
  7. Bulger, Hudson (Perry, GA)
  8. Gaul, Cooper (Seminole, FL)
  9. Phillips, George (Charlotte, NC)
  10. Ryan, Noah (Griffin, GA)
  11. Hocutt, Clay (Mobile, AL)

Byron Powersports Semi-Pro

  1. Yarbrough, Luke (Milton, GA)
  2. Strauss, Donovan (Marietta, GA)
  3. Sutton, Dawson (Lebanon, TN)
  4. Taylor, Jonathan (Roswell, GA)
  5. Gannon, Michael (Canton, GA)
  6. Dibble, Oliver (Owens Cross Roads, AL)
  7. Daniels, Jadyn (Harrisburg, NC)
  8. Lastra, Mason (Tampa, FL)
  9. Hampton, Ian (Stockbridge, GA)
  10. Brown, Carson (Moseley, VA)
  11. Kuehl, Lacy (Sarasota, FL)
  12. Tadrzak, Trey (Stockbridge, GA)
  13. Wilkerson, Stuart ()
  14. Woodall, Amanda (Canton, GA)
  15. Cosier, Brian (Marietta, GA)
  16. Mazzo, Sam ()

WJP Investments Pro

  1. Rapp, Landon (Concord, NC)
  2. Graham, Gavin (Lakeland, FL)
  3. Jorgensen, Jensen (Stockbridge, GA)
  4. Hall, Cale (Griffin, GA)
  5. Watson, Timothy (Panama City, FL)
  6. Cornman, Sam (Mount Dora, FL)
  7. Clanton, Christopher (Brooks, GA)
  8. Pierce, Currie (Griffin, GA)
  9. Woodall, Nick (Canton, GA)
  10. Gumm, Garrett (Brooks, GA)
  11. Jorgensen, Taylor (Stockbridge, GA)


  1. Clanton, Joey (Brooks, GA)
  2. Plemons, Bill Jr (Locust Grove, GA)
  3. Woodall, Robbie (McDonough, GA)
  4. Young, Phillip (Dallas, GA)
  5. Swan, Mark (Athens, GA)
  6. Wehunt, Ronnie (Canton, GA)
  7. Mullins, Josh (Columbia, TN)


  1. Denton, Nicholas (Pascagoula, MS)
  2. Malone, Beckham (Rock Hill, SC)
  3. Krantz Jr., Darren (Huntington, NY)
  4. Bloodworth, Austin (McIntyre, GA)
  5. Coffey, Wyatt (Waynesboro, VA)
  6. Kendrew, Makenna (Senoia, GA)
  7. Dowless, Rodney (Dixhilss, NY)
  8. Lee, Billy (Ruskin, FL)
  9. Cauble, Carson (Salisbury, NC)

Fr8 Auctions Rookie Bandolero

  1. Youngblood, Wyatt (Concord, GA)
  2. Teal, Emma (Monticello, GA)
  3. Soto, Javier (Marietta, GA)
  4. Hays, Lexi (Locust Grove, GA)
  5. Almon, Topher (Moreland, GA)
  6. Young, Luke (Dallas, GA)
  7. Hanson, Camdyan (Hampton, GA)
  8. Glass, Colton (Juliette, GA)
  9. Sherman, Carson (Loganville, GA)
  10. Hodges, Matt (Live Oak, FL)
  11. Behnke, James (Canton, GA)
  12. Rudolph, Briella (Griffin, GA)
  13. Sanders, Paxton (Williamson, GA)


  1. Bacon, Kyle (Buchanan, GA)
  2. Sanders, Bryce (Ola, GA)
  3. Erickson, Carter (Cumming, GA)
  4. O'Neil, Baylor (Grantville, GA)
  5. Butler, Conner (Forsyth, GA)
  6. Hicks, Katelyn (Senoia, GA)
  7. Dulin, Neal (Harrisburg, NC)
  8. Kade, Kayli (Hampton, GA)
  9. Britt, Emma (McDonough, GA)
  10. Flater, Mitchell (Conyers, GA)
  11. O'Connor, JT (McDonough, GA)


  1. Moody, Coleman (Griffin, GA)
  2. Almond, CJ (Atlanta, GA)
  3. Graham, Brody (Flowery Branch, GA)
  4. Anderson, David (Buford, GA)
  5. Streetman, Travis (Ellaville, GA)
  6. Johnson, Abi (Fort Myers, FL)
  7. Arenas, Emily (Social Circle, GA)
  8. Bacon, Kyle (Buchanan, GA)
  9. Young, Lisa (Dallas, GA)
  10. McKnight, Evan (Orlando, FL)
  11. Moon, Jack (Cumming, GA)