Bandolero and Legends racers squared off on Atlanta Motor Speedway’s Thunder Ring for the final time in 2020 on Saturday.

While most races on the ¼-mile each year are run in the heat of summer, the cooler December weather makes for distinctly unique conditions for competitors to overcome. Even so, many of the victors on Saturday were familiar names from the summer slate of racing.

Thursday Thunder champions Caleb Heady and Blaze Crawford won the Pro and Semi-Pro division features, respectively. Garrett Erwin overtook Garrett Gumm on his way to victory in the Bandits feature while Isaac Bevin topped Mason Maggio to take home the checkered in the Young Lions event.

After settling for second several times in 2020 Masters racer Phillip Young finally reached victory lane in the final race of the year. Clay Hocutt held off a field of fast Outlaws racers to earn a feature win. Alex Ford won from the pole position in the Rookie Bandoleros feature and Cole Nelson earned the win in the Chargers class.

Here are the full results from Dec. 5:

Young Lions:

  1. Bevin, Isaac (Louisville, KY)
  2. Maggio, Mason (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
  3. Jackson, Nathan (McDonough, GA)
  4. Brown, Kade (Fulsher, TX)
  5. Tatro, Preston (Brasleton, GA)
  6. Campbell, Justin (Griffin, GA)
  7. Hill, Santiago (Charlotte, NC)
  8. Buice, Lanie (Locust Grove, GA)
  9. Kade, Matthew (Hampton, GA)
  10. Reynolds, Jackson (Marietta, GA)


  1. Crawford, Blaze (Fayetteville, GA)
  2. Campbell, Graham (Braselton, GA)
  3. Lowe, Garrett (Gastonia, NC)
  4. Taylor, Jonathan (Roswell, GA)
  5. Swanson, Tristan (Elko, MN)
  6. Hampton, Ian (Stockbridge, GA)
  7. Tadrzak, Trey (Stockbridge, GA)
  8. Summersell, Braden (Biloxi, MS)


  1. Heady, Caleb (Shelbyville, KY)
  2. Hall, Cody (Griffin, GA)
  3. Jorgensen, Taylor (Stockbridge, GA)
  4. Watson, Timothy (Panama City, FL)
  5. Henderson, Kenneth (Alto, GA)
  6. Capers, Treyce ()
  7. Woodall, Nick (Canton, GA)
  8. Hall, Cale (Griffin, GA)
  9. Rayhall, Sean (Woodstock, GA)


  1. Young, Phillip (Dallas, GA)
  2. Swan, Mark (Athens, GA)
  3. Wehunt, Ronnie (Canton, GA)
  4. Vaughn, Kevin (Grovetown, GA)
  5. Woodall, Robbie (McDonough, GA)
  6. Anderson, Robert (Covington, GA)
  7. Bowen, Barry (Jackson Lake, GA)
  8. Marthaler, Aaron (Glenwood, MN)


  1. Erwin, Garrett (Covington, GA)
  2. Gumm, Garrett (Brooks, GA)
  3. Dulin, Neal (Harrisburg, NC)
  4. Canipe, Hudson (Candler, NC)
  5. O'Neil, Baylor (Grantville, GA)
  6. Flater, Mitchell (Conyers, GA)

Rookie Bandoleros:

  1. Ford, Alex (Atlanta, GA)
  2. Asztalos, Sebastain (Temple, GA)
  3. Malone, Beckham (Rock Hill, SC)
  4. Mueller, Kerbi (Locust Grove, GA)
  5. Kade, Kayli (Hampton, GA)
  6. Marthaler, Weston (Glenwood, MN)
  7. Cauble, Carson (Salisbury, NC)
  8. Collins, Claire (Dallas, GA)
  9. Powers, Bo (Atlanta, GA)
  10. Mueller, Lane (Locust Grove, GA)
  11. Kendrew, Makenna (Senoia, GA)
  12. Johnson, Alison (Charlotte, NC)
  13. Butler, Conner (Forsyth, GA)
  14. Buchanan, Julia (Senoia, GA)


  1. Hocutt, Clay (Mobile, AL)
  2. Brown, Carson (Moseley, VA)
  3. Strauss, Donovan (Marietta, GA)
  4. Bacon, Kyle (Buchanan, GA)
  5. Buchanan, Bailey (Senoia, GA)
  6. Freeman, Briana (Bremen, GA)
  7. Dibble, Oliver (Owens Cross Roads, AL)
  8. Esposito, Gianni (Dacula, GA)
  9. Halloran, Drew (Woodstock, GA)


  1. Nelson, Cole (Jefferson, GA)
  2. Woodall, Amanda (Canton, GA)
  3. Pressley, Mason (Centerville, GA)
  4. Scott, Lisa (Dallas, GA)
  5. Carrow, James (Griffin, GA)
  6. Thompson, Ben (Buford, GA)
  7. North, Bailey (Hampton, GA)
  8. Cosier, Brian (Marietta, GA)
  9. Ping, Zach (Buford, GA)
  10. Pressley, Phillip (Centerville, GA)
  11. Tomb, Frank (Knoxville, TN)


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