After Mother Nature dampened the first planned jet semi demonstration at O'Reilly Auto Parts Friday Night Drags, Jerry McCart is ready to bring his monstrous truck out for another attempt this Friday on the pit lane dragstrip.

The forecast for the July 26 demonstration by "Homewrecker" — a tow-truck turned flamboyant, flame-spitting speed machine — currently shows a very high probability of fire and fun. McCart, who houses his unique creation in a hanger bay at the Henry County Airport, is eager to show off what "Homewrecker" can do.

"This is not a wheel-driven truck. There is no engine in this truck except for these three jets," said McCart. “We have close to $250,000 in parts and materials and I did all of the labor and design work myself. I just love it. I love doing this stuff.”

That includes mounting the trio of jet engines on the back of the truck, each angled with precision to provide stability when the three ton truck is on the move, which is typically at high-velocity.

"It goes zero to 100 mph in 1.92 seconds; zero to 200 mph in about 5.8 seconds; zero to 300 mph right at 6.5 seconds; and zero to 374 mph in 9.2 seconds," said McCart. "That's the fastest we've been."

Homewrecker is able to achieve those high speeds in spite of its weight because of the massive power provided by each of its jet engines, which are conventionally used by supersonic T-38 and F-5 jets.

"There's 6,000 pounds of thrust per motor, so that's 18,000 pounds - enough to launch it vertically if you stood it upright," said McCart.

This Friday at O'Reilly Auto Parts Friday Night Drags, McCart will unleash Homewrecker's potential, with smoke and fire spitting out of each jet before the jet truck rockets down the 1/8 mile pit lane dragstrip.

"The crowd will really enjoy it, especially if they've never seen it," McCart said. "Everybody in the stands will feel the power."

For McCart, a native of Morrow, Ga., Friday's show will be special.

"This is my hometown show. I never perform any closer to home than this," said McCart. "My family and everybody will be here and I can't wait to see old friends.

"Bring the family, bring the kids, the grandkids, and enjoy the evening. Atlanta Motor Speedway is a great venue for this to take place."

Atlanta Motor Speedway's O'Reilly Auto Parts Friday Night Drags & Show-N-Shine return to the pit lane drag strip on Friday, July 26. Grandstand gates open at 6:30 p.m., and nightly drag race eliminations start just after 9:00 p.m.

Entry to drag race or for the Show-N-Shine is just $20 or competitors can purchase a combo ticket for $30. Spectator tickets are just $10, and children 5 and under are free.

More information can be found at or by calling the Atlanta Motor Speedway Ticket Office at 770-946-4211.