After a weekend packed with racing and abundant sunshine to go with pleasant temperatures, we're gearing up for the next big event at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Mark your calendars now to be here April 22-23 for the Summit Racing Equipment Atlanta Motorama presented by!

With extremely rare vehicles on display, this will hardly be the typical car show that you are used to. Not only that, but there'll be something for anybody to enjoy at Motorama, regardless of how serious of a car fanatic you are!

Here's why you need to plan to be here!

For starters, you'll be wowed by the number and caliber of vehicles that'll be on display here! More than 2,000 vehicles are expected at this year's show. Included in that group will be 1932 Fords and a 1938 Graham in addition to other award-winning cars from some of the country's biggest car show events!

And if you're a fan of the movie "Smokey and the Bandit," you will want to be here too! A replica of the 1977 Trans-Am and a sheriff's car from the movie will also be on display, making it likely that you'll be hollering "Snowman, you get your ears on?!"

Are you looking for a car part to help you along on your current vehicle project? We'll have massive array of vendors in the Vendor Midway, or you can also seek out that hard-to-find part at the Pull-A-Part Swap Meet!

And we're dead-serious about there being a lot to do at Motorama even if you're not a car fanatic! Hot Rodders of Tomorrow teams comprised of high school students from throughout the state of Georgia will go head to head as they tear down and rebuild engines. Some of the top teams can pull off the tear-down and rebuild in around 15 minutes - this will be a site to see!

And who doesn't love big monster trucks? You won't just see any monster truck at Motorama. The most legendary one of them all, BIGFOOT, will be here! Not only will BIGFOOT have trucks here crushing cars, but you can also see BIGFOOT No. 5 and its gargantuan 10-foot tires and have your picture made while meeting the drivers of the trucks!

Don't miss the car show event of the year. Make sure you are at Motorama! For more info, visit!