The 2017 Furious Four offseason Legends and Bandolero racing series wrapped up with its fourth and final week Saturday afternoon at Atlanta Motor Speedway, as drivers lit up the quarter-mile "Thunder Ring" in one last tune-up session before the start of the 2017 Thursday Thunder season on June 1.

Chargers Division
Leading off the afternoon, Hampton's Pierce Brewer won the pole and led every lap of the Chargers Division feature for his first victory of the offseason. Behind him, Mark Johnson of Griffin and Nick Woodall rounded out the podium-finish in order.

Young Lions Division
Clay Thompson won his second straight offseason race with a dominating performance in the Young Lions Division feature. He led flag-to-flag in front of Hunter Johnson of Hampton, Cale Hall of Griffin, Ryan Rackley of Valdosta and Lawson Ingold of Social Circle, each of whom rounded out the top-5 in order.

Outlaws Division
In the Outlaws Division feature, Nathan Jackson of McDonough bounced back from a 10th place finish in Week 3 to outrun the competition for his first offseason victory of 2017. Leading every lap, he paced the field to the checkered flag, holding off Blaise Maddox of Locust Grove and Gage Roberts of Milledgeville, who finished second and third respectively.

Bandits Division
Suwanee's Carson Ruark led flag-to-flag in the Bandits Division feature, followed by Max Hennebaul of Monroe and Carson's brother, Lucas, in third place. But during the post-race technical inspection, Carson's car was disqualified, handing the victory to Hennebaul, with Lucas moving up to the runner-up finish and Grant Thompson finishing third.

Rookie Bandolero Division
Rookie driver Trace Yawn of Roanoke, Alabama turned a strong AMS debut by leading all 20 laps of the Rookie Bandolero Division feature race. Following him, Kelly Puckett of McDonough finished second, Aprilia Holt of Senoia came in third, Ford Childers of Montrose was fourth, and Cameron Potter of Covington rounded out the top-5.

Semi-Pro Division
A rain-delayed Semi-Pro Division feature saw Cody Hall of Griffin lead the field to green and stay in front for one lap before Brooks' Christopher Clanton took over the top spot. Clanton would remain there for two laps before the weather forced track-drying equipment onto the track during a nearly 45-minute delay.

Once the action resumed, Clanton would hold onto his lead for the fourth lap of the race until LaGrange's Jason Treschl surged ahead of the pack and stayed there for the remaining 11 laps of the abbreviated feature. Treschl returned to Victory Lane for the third time during the offseason series and the first time since Week 2, after turning in a fifth-place finish in Week 3.

After Treschl, Eatonton's Rafe Slate finished second, and Davis Rochester of Lebanon, Tennessee finished in third to round out the podium.

Masters Division
Bill Plemons, Jr. took the pole in the Masters Division feature and led each of the first 12 laps of the 15-lap race in what was shaping up to be a dominating flag-to-flag performance. But after some trouble behind him entering Turn 2 of the 13th lap, a patient Robbie Woodall of McDonough, who had been shadowing Plemons' every move to that point, took advantage of some room to Plemons' inside on the backstretch, and wrested the lead away with less than three laps to go.

Woodall would hold Plemons off for the final three trips across the start/finish line to claim his first victory of the offseason, while Plemons finished second and Mark Swan of Atlanta came in third.

Pro Division
Canton's Dawson Fletcher made a hard race look easy, as he won the pole and led all 15 laps of the Pro Division feature against six of the other best drivers in the garage. Behind Fletcher, Douglasville's William Martin, Dacula's Russell Fleeman, Cumming's Dylan Murry and Corey heim of Marietta finished in the top-5 in order.

Below are the complete results from Week 4 of the 2017 Furious Four series:

Chargers Division
1. Brewer, Pierce (Hampton, GA)
2. Tadrzak, Trey (Stockbridge, GA)
3. Johnson, Mark (Griffin, GA)
4. Woodall, Nick
5. Hampton, Ian (Stockbridge, GA)
6. Vaughn, Kevin (Grovetown, GA)

Rookie Bandolero Division
1. Yawn, Trace (Roanoke, AL)
2. Puckett, Kelley (McDonough, GA)
3. Holt, Aprilia (Senoia, GA)
4. Childers, Ford (Montrose, GA)
5. Potter, Cameron (Covington, GA)
6. McKeehan, Cole (Winder, GA)
7. Griffis, Carter (Homerville, GA)

Young Lions Division
1. Thompson, Clay (Bowersville, GA
2. Johnson, Hunter (Hampton, GA)
3. Hall, Cale (Griffin, GA)
4. Rackley, Ryan (Valdosta, GA)
5. Ingold, Lawson (Social Circle, GA)
6. Hudgins, Gauntt (Savannah, GA)
7. Ruark, Audrie (Suwanee, GA)
8. Mohwish, Annabelle (Cumming, GA)
9. McKeehan, Chris (DNS)

Bandits Division
1. Hennebaul, Max (Monroe, GA)
2. Ruark, Lucas (Suwanee, GA)
3. Thompson, Grant (Mobile, AL)
4. Hendrix, Keaton (Homerville, GA)
5. Younginer, Ryan (Stockbridge, GA)
6. Campbell, Justin
7. Ruark, Carson (Suwanee, GA) (DQ)
8. Henderson, Kenneth (Alto, GA) (DQ)

Semi-Pro Division
1. Treschl, Jason (Lagrange, GA)
2. Slate, Rafe (Eatonton, GA)
3. Rochester, Davis (Lebanon, TN)
4. Hall, Cody (Griffin, GA)
5. Lawrence, David (Senoia, GA)
6. Clanton, Christopher (Brooks, GA)
7. Brock, Brandon (Hampton, GA)
8. Dollar, Andrew (Atlanta, GA)
9. Fleeman, Amber (Dacula, GA)
10. Brewer, Parker (Hampton, GA)
11. Younginer, Connor (Stockbridge, GA)
12. Coen, Jay (Dacula, GA)

Outlaws Division
1. Jackson, Nathan (McDonough, GA)
2. Maddox, Blaise (Locust Grove, GA)
3. Roberts, Gage (Milledgeville, GA)
4. Good, Tommy (Huntersville, NC)
5. Brady, Kenny (Marietta, GA)
6. Ruark, Shelby (Suwanee, GA)
7. Brady, Max (Marietta, GA)
8. Whitener, Ashton (Monticello, GA)
9. Jorgensen, Garrett (Marietta, GA)

Pro Division
1. Fletcher, Dawson (Canton, GA)
2. Martin, William (Douglasville, GA)
3. Fleeman, Russell (Dacula, GA)
4. Murry, Dylan (Cumming, GA)
5. Heim, Corey (Marietta, GA)
6. Weed, Mike (Franklin, GA)
7. Plemons, William III (Acworth, GA)

Masters Division

1. Woodall, Robbie (McDonough, GA)
2. Plemons, Bill Jr (Locust Grove, GA)
3. Swan, Mark (Atlanta, GA)
4. Brewer, Wade (Hampton, GA)
5. Whatley, Bill (Acworth, GA)
6. Potter, Wes (Covington, GA)
7. Ponzio, John (Tyrone, GA)
8. Hecht, Dennis (Hoschton, GA)
9. Meredith, James (Locust Grove, GA)

Legends and Bandolero racing continues on the quarter-mile Thunder Ring June 1 with the opening night of Atlanta Motor Speedway's 20th anniversary season of the Thursday Thunder Legends Racing Series presented by Papa John's Pizza. Infield admission is available for spectators wishing to watch Thursday Thunder, and passes may be purchased at the Security Command building near the speedway's main entrance.

Infield passes are $20, while grandstand tickets for the affordable, family-friendly racing series cost just $5, with kids ages 5 and younger admitted free.

For more information, contact the Atlanta Motor Speedway ticket office at (770) 946-4211, (877) 9-AMS-TIX or visit