The Atlanta Motor Speedway Legends and Bandolero program returned to the Speedway's ¼-mile Saturday to kick off a six-race Fall Series.

A hot summer day made for a slick track and some heated action on the Thunder Ring. When push came to shove, returning Thursday Thunder champions rose to the top of several feature races.

2019 Thursday Thunder Masters champion Bill Plemons Jr. picked up where he left off in the summer series as the Locust Grove driver took the first checkered flag of the Fall Series. Behind Plemons were Covington's Robert Anderson in 2nd and Hoschton's Dennis Hecht in 3rd.

William Cox led the way late in the Young Lions feature, but Thursday Thunder champion Lucas Ruark took advantage of a restart with five laps to go to sneak by Cox. Ruark held onto the lead on two subsequent restarts to take the victory.

Lucas' younger brother Carson Ruark had a spirited duel with Dinwiddie, Va.'s Layton Harrison in the Bandits feature as the duo swapped the lead back and forth midway through the race. In the end the Thursday Thunder champion from Suwanee had the edge and Carson Ruark topped Harrison to win.

While he narrowly lost the Thursday Thunder Semi-Pro championship, Nick Woodall of Canton did spend the most time in victory lane and that continued Saturday. Woodall won the pole and showed the way in the Semi-Pro feature as he cruised to victory in the Fall Series opener. Woodall was followed by Blaze Crawford in 2nd and Ricky Springer in 3rd.

Jensen Jorgensen set the pace in the Pro feature, winning the pole and leading all 20 laps on his way to the victory. Brothers Cody and Cale Hall finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Kenny Brady and Parker Eatmon put on a show in the Outlaws feature. Eatmon dove to the inside of Brady with three laps to go and briefly took the lead, but a textbook crossover move by Brady gave his No. 54 the preferred line and ultimately the lead. While Eatmon fell behind as he struggled to get back to the bottom, Brady drove away and took the victory. Trevor Wester crossed the stripe 2nd, while Eatmon was forced to settle for 5th.

In the Rookie Bandolero feature, Jackson Reynolds of Marietta held serve from the pole to grab the checkered flag over Bryce Sanders of Ola.

The AMS Legends and Bandoleros program is back in action on the Thunder Ring next weekend with the second set of races for the Fall Five Series being held on Sunday, Sept. 1.

Full results from Aug. 24 Fall Series racing:

Young Lions Legends:

  1. Lucas Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
  2. William Cox (Raleigh, NC)
  3. Nathan Jackson (McDonough, GA)
  4. Kenneth Henderson (Alto, GA)
  5. Timothy Watson (Panama City, FL)
  6. Justin Campbell (Griffin, GA)
  7. Zack Miracle (Indian Trail, NC)
  8. Hunter Burns (Thomaston, GA)
  9. Matthew Kade (Hampton, GA)
  10. Tony Yawn III (Roanoke, AL)
  11. Michael Gannon (Canton, GA)
  12. Graham Campbell (Braselton, GA)
  13. Ashton Whitener (Monticello, GA)

Semi-Pro Legends:

  1. Nick Woodall (Canton, GA)
  2. Blaze Crawford (Fayetteville, GA)
  3. Ricky Springer (McDonough, GA)
  4. Jonathan Taylor (Atlanta, GA)
  5. Ian Hampton (Stockbridge, GA)
  6. Trent Barfield (Hamilton, GA)
  7. Audrie Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
  8. Trey Tadrzak (Stockbridge, GA)
  9. Zac Bacon (Buchanan, GA)
  10. Cutter Love (Jefferson, GA)
  11. Max Brady (Marietta, GA)

Pro Legends:

  1. Jensen Jorgensen (Stockbridge, GA)
  2. Cody Hall (Griffin, GA)
  3. Cale Hall (Griffin, GA)
  4. Hunter Johnson (Griffin, GA)
  5. Max Hennebaul (Monroe, GA)
  6. Christopher Almon Sr. (Moreland, GA)

Masters Legends:

  1. Bill Plemons Jr (Locust Grove, GA)
  2. Robert Anderson (Covington, GA)
  3. Dennis Hecht (Hoschton, GA)
  4. Kevin Vaughn (Grovetown, GA)
  5. Robbie Woodall (McDonough, GA)
  6. Phillip Young (Dallas, GA)
  7. Lisa Scott (Dallas, GA)


  1. Kenny Brady (Marietta, GA)
  2. Trevor Wester (Canton, NC)
  3. Kelley Puckett (McDonough, GA)
  4. Mason Maggio (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
  5. Parker Eatmon (Wilson, NC)
  6. Bailey North (Hampton, GA)
  7. Wil Griffis (Homerville, GA)
  8. Shelby Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
  9. Clay Hocutt (Mobile, AL)


  1. Carson Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
  2. Layton Harrison (Dinwiddie, VA)
  3. Kyle Bacon (Buchanan, GA)
  4. Lucas Vera (Charlotte, NC)
  5. Garrett Gumm (Brooks, GA)
  6. Lee Brown (Acworth, GA)
  7. Carter Griffis (Homerville, GA)
  8. Gianni Esposito (Dacula, GA)

Rookie Bandoleros:

  1. Jackson Reynolds (Marietta, GA)
  2. Bryce Sanders (Ola, GA)
  3. Mitchell Flater (Conyers, GA)
  4. Alex Ford (Atlanta, GA)
  5. Briana Freeman (Bremen, GA)
  6. Mason Reece (Conyers, GA)
  7. Baylor O'Neil (Grantville, GA)
  8. Riley Griffin (Macon, GA)
  9. Kayli Kade (Hampton, GA)
  10. Claire Collins (Dallas, GA)
  11. Lane Mueller (Locust Grove, GA)
  12. Gavin Reece (Conyers, GA)