Week 6 of the Thursday Thunder Legends Series presented by Papa John's Pizza hit the quarter-mile Thunder Ring Thursday evening with a night full of double feature races, as last week's rained-out Week 5 action was made up prior to the regularly scheduled Week 6 races.

Leading off the evening was the Plemons Investments Masters Division, with Scott Moseley of McDonough getting back into the Win Column for the first time since the season's opening night, ending fellow McDonough resident Robbie Woodall's win streak at two.

Following the Masters Division, Joshua Hicks of Senoia returned to Victory Lane for the second time this year in the Outlaws Division, before Ian Hampton of Stockbridge won in the dual-car Chargers Division feature.

In the Ricky Sanders Racing, Inc. Bandits Division, it was Mobile, Alabama's Grant Thompson who won it for the second time this season. Harrison Halder of Cumming then followed that up with his own second victory of the year in the Plemons Young Lions Division feature.

In the Semi-Pro Division feature make-up, Dacula's Amber Fleeman, an eight-year Thursday Thunder veteran used her front-row starting position to her advantage and remained at - or near - the front of the pack for the entire 15-lap feature, setting herself up for a thrilling finish and her first-ever victory on the challenging quarter-mile Thunder Ring.

"Finally," she said as she climbed out of her Legends car on the start/finish line following the win. "That is the most amazing feeling ever. It's been a long time coming."

After surging into the lead early on in the race, Fleeman cruised comfortably ahead of the field for each of the first seven laps before a caution bunched the field once more near the halfway point of the race.

Just a few laps after the ensuing restart, Brooks' Christopher Clanton nabbed the lead away as the final laps began to tick off, but a persistent Fleeman used good exit speed on the corners to reclaim the top position as the checkered flag drew near and then held on for the victory down the stretch.

"I was worried we were going to get caught on time, but it worked out, and we made it to Victory Lane, so I can't be more excited."

Fleeman's previous best performance was a pair of second-place finishes during the 2013 season. This year, she finished as high as fifth in Week 2 before topping the podium in Thursday night's make-up feature.

In the Wallace Electric Rookie Bandolero make-up feature, Maddox Langham picked up his first victory on the season, while Racing Radios Pro Division points leader Jensen Jorgensen won for the fourth time in five races to build upon the 24-point lead he owned entering Thursday's double-feature action.

Following a brief intermission and a frontstretch autograph session, the regularly scheduled Week 6 action cranked up with eight more features, as the 2017 season raced past its midpoint.

Plemons Investments Masters Division
After being denied a third-straight victory in the Plemons Investments Masters Division feature earlier in the evening, McDonough's Robbie Woodall made his pole-position start count by leading each of the 15 laps in Thursday's nightcap feature, giving him three wins in the past four races and putting him just three points back of division leader and two-time feature winner Scott Moseley.

Moseley, meanwhile, started eighth per Thursday Thunder rules following his make-up feature victory and was right on Woodall's bumper as the checkered flag waved on Lap 15. Behind Moseley, Atlanta's Mark Swan, Covington's Tony Armbruster and Locust Grove's Bill Plemons, Jr. finished third through fifth in order.

Outlaws Division
In a time-shortened Outlaws Division feature, it only took two-time winner and division points leader Blaise Maddox of Locust Grove three laps to find himself in the lead after starting in the seventh position, and that's where he stayed for the remainder of the race.

Make-up feature winner Joshua Hicks of Senoia finished second after starting in eighth, while Marietta brothers Kenny and Max Brady finished third and fourth respectively. Canton's Michael Gannon rounded out the top-five.

Chargers Division
Ian Hampton of Stockbridge made it two wins on the night by finishing ahead of Nick Woodall in the Chargers Division. Hampton led all 15 laps in the feature.

Ricky Sanders Racing, Inc. Bandits Division
Mobile, Alabama's Grant Thompson entered the evening trailing Alto's Kenneth Henderson by a mere three points in the overall division standings after the two swapped wins in the first two races of the season. But after it was all said and done Thursday night, Thompson left three points ahead after claiming his second victory of the evening in the Week 6 Ricky Sanders Racing, Inc. Bandits Division feature.

Henderson was on the pole for the second race, but Thompson surged ahead on just the third lap and stayed there the rest of the way, opening up a three-race winning streak and climbing atop the division standings for the first time on the season.

Following Henderson, Lucas Ruark of Suwanee, Wilder Etheredge of Atlanta and Carson Ruark of Suwanee finished third-through-fifth in order.

Plemons Young Lions Division
After starting in fifth, Week 4 winner D.J. Canipe of Fallston, North Carolina drove into the front of the pack in the Plemons Young Lions Division feature on the third lap and held onto his lead through two cautions and subsequent restarts to best his runner-up finish from earlier in the evening and match Cumming's Harrison Halder with his second victory on the season.

Meanwhile, Bowersville's Clay Thompson, who entered the evening sixth in the standings, finished second, while Halder was third, Ryan Rackley of Valdosta was fourth, and Week 3 winner Sammy Smith of Des Moines, Iowa rounded out the top-five.

Semi-Pro Division
In the second Semi-Pro Division feature, Conception Bay, Newfoundland native Waylon Farrell started on the front row and stayed ahead of the pack for each of the first four laps before contact with Cody Hall of Griffin, who had been running in second, caused the caution flag to fly and sent both drivers to the back, which made way for Christopher Clanton of Brooks to restart in the lead.

Following the restart, Clanton paced the field for six laps before a patient Hudson Halder of Cumming made a pass for the lead on the 11th lap. But a caution slowed the field before Halder could cross the start/finish line, giving the lead back to Clanton with just four laps remaining.

Following another caution and one last lap of racing, the feature ended on a time limit, handing Clanton his first victory of the season, while Halder had to settle for second place after threatening his second victory on the night. Farrell would recover to finish third, while Lebanon, Tennessee's Davis Rochester finished fourth and Cody Hall of Griffin was fifth.

Wallace Electric Rookie Bandolero Division
After starting on the outside of the front row, Maddox Langham nabbed the lead on the very first lap and held his position for seven laps until Homerville's Carter Griffis got into Langham entering Turn 1 on the eighth lap, bringing out a caution and sending both to the rear of the field, setting up McDonough's Bailey North to restart in the lead.

Strong on both entry and exit, Winder's Cole McKeehan was able to seize the lead from North on the backstretch on the eighth lap, and he led the pack for the next seven circuits, cruising all the way to what looked like an easy victory as he entered Turn 4 on the race's final lap.

But Langham, who had raced back to within less than a car-length behind McKeehan, clipped McKeehan's left rear tire, sending both for a spin and awarding an unlikely victory to North, who had been running in third as the field approached the checkered flag.

Langham wound up finishing in the runner-up position, and McKeehan and Griffis finished third and fourth respectively.

Racing Radios Pro Division
In the night's second Racing Radios Pro Division main event, all eyes were on Stockbridge's Jensen Jorgensen, as he tried for his second win of the evening and his fifth in the last six races.

Sure enough, despite starting the race in the eighth position, Jorgensen had driven through the field and was up to second-place by the third lap, as he set his sights on race-leader and Week 4 winner, Corey Heim of Marietta, who had been leading the pack since the race's green-flag start.

As Jorgensen attempted to make a lead-stealing move 11 laps in, he got hooked up with Heim, slowing their pace and thrusting them all the way back to the rear of the field.

Taking advantage of the unexpected evacuation of both the top-two drivers, Joshua Hicks sped into the lead and held on to it for the next eight circuits. But he couldn't match the closing speed of Douglasville's William Martin, and Martin swiped the lead on the backstretch with less than two laps to go, setting up a thrilling finish, as William Plemons III of Acworth and Hicks battled behind him with the checkered flag in sight.

But neither Hicks nor Plemons would go down quietly. Though it looked like Martin might hold on for the win as the leaders entered the final turn of the race, Plemons' last-ditch effort to steal the lead caused heavy contact between Hicks' and Martin's cars, slowing the pair down and opening up a lane for Plemons, who took advantage of the unlikely late-race opportunity in the closing feet of the feature and drove to Victory Lane in his first appearance of the season.

"I didn't want to come out here and cause a ruckus, but the opportunity presented itself and if you're going to move anybody with a bumper, that's the place where it's most justified," said Plemons.

"I'd rather lead every lap, but I knew I didn't have a car to lead every lap, and that was the only opportunity that presented itself, so I said 'I'm just going to go in here - they're racing hard - I'm just going to give them a little nudge and see if I can move them to the outer grove and get to the inside.'"

And that's exactly how it played out.

"I'm probably going to have some politics to play inside the pits," he continued, "but I'm not racing for points or anything. I just wanted one win this summer, and the good Lord blessed me with one."

Martin ended up finishing in second place, while Week 4 winner Corey Heim finished third and Hicks finished fourth.

Jorgensen was unable to recover from his mid-race caution and wound up in eighth, but after two features Thursday night, he still leads the standings by 27 points over Heim heading into next Thursday's Week 7 action, while Dawson Fletcher of Canton trails Heim by just one point, 28 back of Jorgensen.

Below are the results from the Week 5 make-up races:

Plemons Young Lions Division
1. Harrison Halder (Cumming, GA)
2. DJ Canipe (Fallston, NC)
3. Sammy Smith (Des Moines, IA)
4. Clay Thompson (Bowersville, GA)
5. Lawson Ingold (Social Circle, GA)
6. Cale Hall (Griffin, GA)
7. Audrie Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
8. Gracie Trotter (Charlotte, NC)
9. Holt Halder (Cumming, GA)
10. Hunter Johnson (Hampton, GA)
11. Ryan Rackley (Valdosta, GA)
12. Carden Cochran (Ringgold, GA)
13. Hunter Burns (Thomaston, GA)

Semi-Pro Division
1. Amber Fleeman (Dacula, GA)
2. Christopher Clanton (Brooks, GA)
3. David Lawrence (Senoia, GA)
4. Waylon Ferrell (Conception Bay, NE)
5. Connor Younginer (Stockbridge, GA)
6. Trey Tadrzak (Stockbridge, GA)
7. Pierce Brewer (Hampton, GA)
8. Parker Brewer (Hampton, GA)
9. Brandon Collins (Hampton, GA)
10. Davis Rochester (Lebanon, TN) 
11. Rafe Slate (Eatonton, GA)
12. Hudson Halder (Cumming, GA)
13. Cody Hall (Griffin, GA)
14. Andrew Dollar (Atlanta, GA)
15. Brandon Brock (Hampton, GA)
DNS Hannah Bell (Raleigh, NC)

Plemons Investments Masters Division
1. Scott Moseley (Mcdonough, GA)
2. Bill Plemons Jr (Locust Grove, GA)
3. Robbie Woodall (Mcdonough, GA)
4. Tony Armbruster (Covington, GA)
5. Mark Swan (Atlanta, GA)
6. Bill Whatley (Acworth, GA)
7. Rod Nelson (Knoxville, TN)
8. Randy Shubert (Stone Mountain, GA)
9. John Ponzio (Tyrone, GA)
10. Dale Jackson (Clinton, TN)
11. Jim Foster (Macon, GA)
12. James Meredith (Locust Grove, GA)
13. Barry Bowen (Jackson Lake, GA)
14. Wade Brewer (Hampton, GA)
15. Wes Potter (Covington, GA)

Ricky Sanders Racing, Inc. Bandits Division
1. Grant Thompson (Mobile, AL)
2. Kenneth Henderson (Alto, GA)
3. Ryan Younginer (Stockbridge, GA)
4. Justin Campbell (Griffin, GA)
5. Brody Graham (Flowery Branch, GA)
6. Lucas Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
7. Keaton Hendrix (Homerville, GA)
8. Carson Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
9. Tony Yawn ()
10. Wilder Etheredge (Atlanta, GA)
11. Leland Honeyman (Mooresville, SC)
12. Max Hennebaul (Monroe, GA)
13. Colsen Cochran (Ringgold, GA)
DNS Garrett Erwin (Covington, GA)

Wallace Electric Rookie Bandoleros Division
1. Keaton Hendrix (Homerville, GA)
2. Wilder Etheredge (Atlanta, GA)
3. Max Hennebaul (Monroe, GA)
4. Tony Yawn ()
5. Colsen Cochran (Ringgold, GA)
6. Lucas Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
7. Justin Campbell (Griffin, GA)
8. Grant Thompson (Mobile, AL)
9. Garrett Erwin (Covington, GA)
10. Kenneth Henderson (Alto, GA)
11. Carson Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
12. Ryan Younginer (Stockbridge, GA)

Outlaws Division
1. Joshua Hicks (Senoia, GA)
2. Blaise Maddox (Locust Grove, GA)
3. Michael Gannon (Canton, GA)
4. Kenny Brady (Marietta, GA)
5. Gage Roberts (Milledgeville, GA)
6. Max Brady (Marietta, GA)
7. Shelby Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
8. Ashton Whitener (Monticello, GA)
9. Nathan Jackson (Mcdonough, GA)
10. Garrett Jorgensen (Canton, GA)
11. Aprilia Holt (Senoia, GA)
12. Grayson Dickey ()
13. Hayden Swank (Woodstock, GA)
14. Blaze Crawford (Fayetteville, GA)

Chargers Division
1. Ian Hampton (Stockbridge, GA)
2. Nick Woodall

Racing Radios Pro Division
1. Jensen Jorgensen (Stockbridge, GA)
2. Russell Fleeman (Decula, GA)
3. Dawson Fletcher (Canton, GA)
4. Corey Heim (Marietta, GA)
5. Joshua Hicks (Senoia, GA)
6. William Plemons III (Acworth, GA)
7. William Martin (Douglasville, GA)
8. Canon Cochran (Ringgold, GA)
9. Robbie Johnston (Laurel, MS)
10. Currie Pierce (Griffin, GA)
11. Dylan Murry (Cumming, GA)
12. Jeff Holden (Gainesville, GA)
13. Mike Weed (Franklin, GA)

Below are the complete results from the regularly scheduled Week 6 features:

Plemons Young Lions Division
1. DJ Canipe (Fallston, NC)
2. Clay Thompson (Bowersville, GA)
3. Harrison Halder (Cumming, GA)
4. Ryan Rackley (Valdosta, GA)
5. Sammy Smith (Des Moines, IA)
6. Cale Hall (Griffin, GA)
7. Holt Halder (Cumming, GA)
8. Carden Cochran (Ringgold, GA)
9. Gracie Trotter (Charlotte, NC)
10. Audrie Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
11. Hunter Burns (Thomaston, GA)
12. Lawson Ingold (Social Circle, GA)
13. Hunter Johnson (Hampton, GA)

Semi-Pro Division
1. Christopher Clanton (Brooks, GA)
2. Hudson Halder (Cumming, GA)
3. Waylon Farrell (Conception Bay, NE)
4. Davis Rochester (Lebanon, TN)
5. Cody Hall (Griffin, GA)
6. Amber Fleeman (Dacula, GA)
7. David Lawrence (Senoia, GA)
8. Connor Younginer (Stockbridge, GA)
9. Trey Tadrzak (Stockbridge, GA)
10. Parker Brewer (Hampton, GA)
11. Rafe Slate (Eatonton, GA)
12. Brandon Collins (Hampton, GA)
13. Pierce Brewer (Hampton, GA)
14. Andrew Dollar (Atlanta, GA)
15. Brandon Brock (Hampton, GA)

Plemons Investments Masters Division
1. Robbie Woodall (Mcdonough, GA)
2. Scott Moseley (Mcdonough, GA)
3. Mark Swan (Atlanta, GA)
4. Tony Armbruster (Covington, GA)
5. Bill Plemons Jr (Locust Grove, GA)
6. Randy Shubert (Stone Mountain, GA)
7. Wade Brewer (Hampton, GA)
8. Bill Whatley (Acworth, GA)
9. James Meredith (Locust Grove, GA)
10. John Ponzio (Tyrone, GA)
11. Barry Bowen (Jackson Lake, GA)
12. Jim Foster (Macon, GA)
13. Rod Nelson (Knoxville, TN)
14. Dale Jackson (Clinton, TN)
DNS Wes Potter (Covington, GA)

Ricky Sanders Racing, Inc. Bandits Division
1. Grant Thompson (Mobile, AL)
2. Kenneth Henderson (Alto, GA)
3. Lucas Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
4. Wilder Etheredge (Atlanta, GA)
5. Carson Ruark (Suwanee, GA)
6. Keaton Hendrix (Homerville, GA)
7. Brody Graham (Flowery Branch, GA)
8. Leland Honeyman (Mooresville, SC)
9. Justin Campbell (Griffin, GA)
10. Tony Yawn
11. Colsen Cochran (Ringgold, GA)
12. Ryan Younginer (Stockbridge, GA)
13. Max Hennebaul (Monroe, GA)

Wallace Electric Rookie Bandoleros Division
1. Bailey North (Mcdonough, GA)
2. Maddox Langham
3. Cole Mckeehan (Winder, GA)
4. Carter Griffis (Homerville, GA)

Outlaws Division
1. Blaise Maddox (Locust Grove, GA)
2. Joshua Hicks (Senoia, GA)
3. Kenny Brady (Marietta, GA)
4. Max Brady (Marietta, GA)
5. Michael Gannon (Canton, GA)
6. Ashton Whitener (Monticello, GA)
7. Hayden Swank (Woodstock, GA)
8. Garrett Jorgensen (Canton, GA)
9. Aprilia Holt (Senoia, GA)
10. Grayson Dickey ()
11. Nathan Jackson (Mcdonough, GA)
12. Blaze Crawford (Fayetteville, GA)
13. Gage Roberts (Milledgeville, GA)
DNS Shelby Ruark (Suwanee, GA)

Chargers Division
1. Ian Hampton (Stockbridge, GA)
2. Nick Woodall

Racing Radios Pro Division
1. William Plemons III (Acworth, GA)
2. William Martin (Douglasville, GA)
3. Corey Heim (Marietta, GA)
4. Joshua Hicks (Senoia, GA)
5. Mike Weed (Franklin, GA)
6. Russell Fleeman (Decula, GA)
7. Dawson Fletcher (Canton, GA)
8. Jensen Jorgensen (Stockbridge, GA)
9. Dylan Murry (Cumming, GA)
10. Canon Cochran (Ringgold, GA)
11. Currie Pierce (Griffin, GA)
12. Robbie Johnston (Laurel, MS)
DNS Jeff Holden (Gainesville, GA)

The Thursday Thunder Legends Series presented by Papa John's Pizza continues with Week 7 next Thursday, July 14.

Infield admission is available for spectators wishing to watch Thursday Thunder, and passes may be purchased at the Security Command building near the speedway's main entrance. Infield passes are $20, while grandstand tickets for the affordable, family-friendly racing series cost just $5, with children ages 5 and younger are admitted free.

For more information, contact the Atlanta Motor Speedway ticket office at (770) 946-4211, (877) 9-AMS-TIX or visit www.atlantamotorspeedway.com.