With just a few days remaining until the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 weekend, the transformation of Atlanta Motor Speedway is something to behold. With each passing day more colorful flags rise, a tapestry painted on ordinary grass takes shape, and there's more hustle and bustle around the Speedway.

With all that commotion, it's obvious that NASCAR is coming to town but, while some of the most visible preparation is happening this week, race weekend wouldn't happen without months of preparation.

Keeping Atlanta race ready

Part of what makes Atlanta Motor Speedway's 1.54-mile oval such a unique stop on the NASCAR circuit is its aging asphalt, which is now 21 years old.

To keep a track worn and weathered by that much time race ready is a tall task, but one the AMS Operations Department performs expertly each offseason. During the fall, before the winter chill hits, the AMS crew circles the Speedway several times to seal each and every crack - of which there are many - to ensure the track remains suitable for racing.

From time to time, including over this past winter, bigger cracks that require a more robust solution present themselves. When that happens, the Speedway brings in professionals whose specialty is tackling these big cracks by filling them with a sealant designed for the job.

The fruits of that labor yield themselves months later when high-horsepower cars thunder around the track, something that wouldn't be possible without the meticulous care of the racing surface.\

Amenity improvements

Each year Atlanta Motor Speedway strives to put on a NASCAR weekend better than the last. To make that happen, the Speedway is constantly seeking out areas where it can improve the experience for all of its visitors.

One of the notable changes this year will be found in Club One. Already known for its comfort and outstanding views of the racing action, this suite has a newly installed WiFi system for 2019 to keep attendees connected and allow them to better share their race day experiences.

The Speedway has also built a brand new credentials building to greet and accommodate people with added access during their visit. On top of that, the infield Media Center has undergone renovations to better serve the needs of those covering the weekend's activities.

Blooming for race day

Like budding flowers planted around Atlanta Motor Speedway, the entire facility begins to burst with color in the weeks leading up to NASCAR weekend.

From mundane crosswalks and driving lanes, to the eye-catching hues of racing flags flying high above all corners of the track, to the iconic red-white-and-blue walls that encircle the Speedway, and the big and bold logos painted on the infield grass, the Speedway is in full bloom. To make that vivid and lively atmosphere take shape requires hundreds and hundreds of hours of time between dozens and dozens of folks diligently working to make it happen.

In the end, the time invested to make one of the most fun and thrilling weekends of family-friendly entertainment happen is well worth it to serve thousands of enthusiastic race fans.

The result of these efforts will be on full display during the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 NASCAR weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway Feb. 22-24. Tickets to attend can be purchased by call 877-9-AMS-TIX or by visiting www.atlantamotorspeedway.com.